About us

Comercial Domínguez was founded in 1995 by Mr. Benito Pérez González and his wife Ms. Olga Domínguez Rodriguez as a result of the clear evolution of the company Fontanería Benito S.L. and the desire to continue expanding and diversifying the activity. Since the beginning of this new company, the ideal has always been very clear: COMMITMENT, SERVICE AND PERSONALIZED TREATMENT. Commitment and trust that guarantee the smooth running of the commercial relationship. Service, we always seek to offer the customer the best possible service so that you can find in our company a guarantee solution to your problems. Personalized treatment, since we understand the person and their needs, their doubts, concerns and experiences … and their satisfaction is what interests us.


Being a company that works to provide its customers with the greatest diversity in hardware, appliances and construction materials in general, under premises of price, quality and service according to market demands, committing to the constant training of our human resources, to that this is highly qualified, productive and committed to maintaining the preference and satisfaction of our customers; in order to generate profitable growth, for the benefit of all that allows us to maintain and improve every day the quality and service provided.


Maintain a solid positioning and commercial leadership in the sale of construction materials and hardware in general, surpassing the prospects of quality and service of our customers, thanks to the unconditional support of a committed work team, allowing us to sustain a high degree of social and commercial responsibility that guarantees financial strength and sustainable growth.


Integrity: Our treatment and word is honest, transparent and trustworthy.

Confidence: We trust in our Vision, our capacity for entrepreneurship and in the capacity of our team, because they also trust us.

Responsibility: Our products and services are oriented to satisfy the needs of our client in the short and long term.

Self-improvement: It is a value and policy of our company, the constant search to improve learning from the experience of those who believe better and inspire us to be, sharing our experience at the same time.

Teamwork: The synergy of our talents and abilities produces much more than the individual sum of each one.




As a result of Don Benito’s knowledge of plumbing, it has become possible to innovate and be the first to offer the public various articles that were not frequent in the market in the past. Comercial Domínguez has been a pioneer in its field of solar energy, offering the sale and assembly of solar panels when they were still unknown to most people on the island of La Palma.


Being aware of the importance of having an adequate space for the development of the activity, it was decided to move the facilities from the small and uncomfortable place where you start selling for the first time to a spacious warehouse located in an industrial estate in the same municipality . This ship, over the years and with the incorporation of new products, has been subjected to a multitude of small reforms in order to make the most of the available space.


The company Comercial Domínguez La Palma S.L. It was born legally in 2002 as a result of the evolution of two previous companies led in the past by their current owners.

The first arises from the initiative of Don Benito R. Pérez González to use his knowledge of plumbing and construction to put into practice the sale to the public of materials that he himself used in his professional activity. Faced with the success that he himself did not expect, he decided that in addition to these basic products he could expand the stock and include hardware items.

This is how the second precursor company of Comercial Domínguez was born, under the name of his wife, María Olga Domínguez Rodríguez, and diversifying its offer, focusing in the beginning mainly on the sale of small household appliances. Given the gradual rise in sales, both decide that it is time to form a Limited Company, under the name of Comercial Dominguez in honor of the surname of María Olga’s father who was very fond of DIY.


At the time when the business activity of this society began, new technologies were still a future to be discovered. At first, there was hardly a fixed telephone and a fax to establish communications with both clients and suppliers. With the arrival of mobile telephony and access to the Internet, a world of possibilities opens up in terms of knowing new companies with which to establish business relationships and get closer to the general public. So much so that throughout our professional journey we have interacted with suppliers and customers far away from us geographically. At present we are still betting on social networks, as a way to get closer to our customers.